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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Birthday Cakes

I know these are nothing special, but the idea's are so creative. I got them from Kraft's Food website. http://www.kraftfoods.com/kf/YourKids/I love this website! For the past two years I have let Jacob pick out what cake he would like. I've steared him to ones I think I can actually accomplish. There are some really involved ones that I know wouldn't turn out anything near the picture if I attempted them. So I have been glad that Jacob has chosen ones I can do. Here they are...

I had to get creative with some of the ingredients. I couldn't find chocolate gold coins or the candy necklaces that I needed so I improvised. I guess it still worked.

This rocket cake was delicious! The recipe used a white cake mix and had you poke holes were you poured a jello mixture inside - then chill. So yummy! There were candles at the bottom that you can't really see in the picutre, but it gave the cute effect of taking off. Very fun!
Update: Here is the most recent b-day cake...it was suppose to be a fire truck, but I ran out of red food coloring unfortunately.

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