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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Greeting Card Holder

Another Idea I got from Enrichment. I think it is so cute...now let's just hope I use it. :) It was so easy to make. You just need 12x12 Scrapbook Cardstock. They had some available at Enrichment that had designs on both sides. I loved this becuase it saved time, but it does mean you have to like the design on each side, because it shows up on the other side.

I made my cover out of heavy duty cardboard. The pieces actually came from inside a Calendar - it worked for me, but really any method to cover the book is great. Some people purchased 8x8 3 ring binders. I wanted to go for inexpensive and actually was pleased with the outcome. This is a picture of the inside. After folding up the bottom of the 12x12 sheet of paper you place a month card (as seen below) and put the names of people with birthdays or other dates to remember listed on them.
Here is a picture of some cards placed in the July sleve that was created by folding the page up and glueing in place. So easy!
Here is another view from the top. You can see all the different colors and designs. Very Cute!

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