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Friday, May 2, 2008

Our Castle

Santa Clause was kind enough to let Steve and I help with this project :) I think it turned out pretty good, especially because we made it without a pattern and all. The kids love it and it comes down and stores real nicely. (The PVC pipe just detaches and the fabric just drapes over it.) I am pleased with it!

Here are the instruction as best as I could put them together. This was all made by guess work, so obviously sizes can be changed to make it the size you'd like. :)
Picture Above: (Poles from left to right)
8 = 53" (4'5") height
4= 42" (3'6") width
3=22" (1'10") part of length
9(including the flag)=14" (1'2") part of length

The connectors:
(I don't know the real names for these pieces so bare with me - this is the best I could come up with) Top to bottom:
8= Y - corner connectors
5= T connectors
1=+ connectors
2= L - elbow connectors

Picture Above: This has the poles with the connectors attached.

Above picture: The Base

Above picture: The finished frame

These next pictures show the castle being drapped on.

Side window
These last two picutres are from the inside of the castle. I used velcro to open the door and windows.

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