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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Incredible Blog

Just a blog with awesome home decor that I want to remember. Susie Harris blog - seriously go check it out!

Wooden Spring Blocks

These cute spring blocks are from Provo Craft, but the picture is from She's Crafty. Aren't they cute!

Paper Flowers

These fun hanging flowers were found on Lulu's Tiles. She mentions that these would be cute on skewers as a flower stem. I love the idea!

Tile Coasters

Someday, I am going to make a few coasters for the tables in my family room area. And I really love these ones made with tiles, paper, and modge podge.  Check out this post at Finding Fabulous.

Floral Balls

In my search for Easter crafts I came across these beauties. These were made into a baby mobil, but there are so many ways you could decorate with these. Change the color and you could use them for any holiday really. Check them out the tutorial at Lemon Tree Creations

Felt Travel Mat

Don't want to forget this one...such a great idea!  Some people are so creative - check out this girls blog at The Clay Family Blog

Recycled Crayons

Have you ever had a bunch of blunt or broken crayons that your kids wont use? Then read on...I've seen this tutorial before, but keep passing it up. I finally decided to check it out and see how complicated it was. Basically you just break, sort, melt and harden your crayons for a new fun shape that kids will proably even get more excited about then when the original crayons were brand new. Check out the tutorial here at Little Birdie Secrets.  and if you have any holiday silicone shape like Easter Eggs - you could make some of these that would be perfect for Easter.

Tips for Wheat Grass Growing

I've been struggling to get my wheat grass to grow. And everyone talks about how simple it is, but my grass is honestly struggling. :)  Anyway, I just linked to this site Design Mom and she made it much clearer for me. I didn't realize you don't have to bury your wheat grass. And letting it soak first - what a genius!  Anyway, if there are actually readers of my blog you are probably pro's at growing wheat grass, but for anyone that is just a begginner like me, maybe these tips will help. ;)  

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lima Bean Wreath

I've been seeing different variations of this wreath that I just love.

This one is from Uncommon Designs made with Lima Beans.

And this one if from Oops I Craft My Pants made with styrafoam balls.

Aren't they lovely!!!

Some Ideas for Easter...

These pretty eggs are made with paper punch outs go to Such Pretty Things blog for the post.

Or how about making an edible egg. It would be fun to put these marshmellows on a sugar cookie.  Found here at No time for flash cards.

These adorable finger puppets are from The Purl Bee

Just found this site - Love it!  Go to Under The Table & Dreaming to see these projects. Find the second picture here.

I think I've posted a tutorial on how to make these yarn nest before, but check out this one at Under the Table & Dreaming. Hers is super stylish and so versatile.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Growing Wheat Grass for Easter :)

I like this post here on Salt and Chocolate about growing wheat grass. She used colored Eggs that she had blown out and painted in the past. I love that. How do you blow out eggs? 

I am growing some wheat grass as well, but mine hasn't sprouted yet. I will post some pictures when it does. :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Grasshopper Pie

Sounds Gross but taste so good! :) Perfect for St. Patricks Day!

Found a very simple recipe here. or check out an even simpler version here at the Food Channel.

Ideas for Spring Break...

I haven't planned anything to do with my kiddo's for Spring break and Spring break is already upon us. Here are some fun projects that I just might have to do with them.

Just found this fun idea for a newspaper hut. Go check it out here at Pepper Paints.
Maybe it's time to make that TeePee I've always wanted - with this tutorial from Sew Mama Sew

DIY I Spy Photo Book found here at rookie moms. What a great idea!

My kids have been fascinated with rubber balls lately. I know they would find this activity a blast. Find it at Fun with Mama.

Growing wheat grass is always a fun thing to do before Easter. I've posted this idea before listed under my Easter label - go here and scroll down until you see the Wheat Grass ideas. :)

Tonya over at This and That made this amazing barnyard play mat. I don't think I can make something as amazing, but maybe something on a smaller level maybe. Go here to check out her stuff. So cute...
My kids do not have any bean bags. We need some bean bags! Go Here at Mama Mel Loves to find this creative idea...
Over at Scrumdilly-do this fun project is featured for the 100 days of school, but I think it is a great project for everyday. My kids love painting. Go here to see what it looks like once the tape is removed. Very fun!

And I've always wanted to frame my kids hand prints in some creative way or frame their silloutes. Maybe that would be a good project for this week. :)
I do plan to make sugar cookies in the shape of shamrocks for St. Patty's Day, but that's about it.
And maybe just maybe we will do some handwriting worksheets from the Activity Village - Love this site.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Two more...

Two more St. Patty things :)...
This Irish Blessing/shamrock sign is from All Thingz Related... I love how it turned out!
This next one is from Ispiring Creations. Very cute!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

And More St. Patrick's Day...

More St. Patrick's Day stuff. Fun, fun, fun...

This fun "Lucky" sign is from Inspiring Creations...
And this great wreath is from A Little Tipsy...
And if you are looking to put just a bit of green in your home try this tutorial for a boxwood topiary from Tales and Trials that I found via Living with Lindsay...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More St. Patrick's Day...

Somewhat Simple is having a linky party and there are all kinds of great ideas. Here are some of my favorite finds...

This beautiful Lucky wood stacker is from Punkin Seed Productions. She does some amazing things - I love her work!
Over at Whimsi Kel she created the word lucky using the seasonal blocks idea from Little Birdie Secrets. Love it! (here is an update she added about these blocks)
Love this creative plate from Nap Time Crafts... (this one isn't in the linky party - oops!)

Fun Centerpiece from Lulu's Tiles.
Cute framed saying from RedHeads Craft More Fun.

Some St. Patty's Day Banners...

At Second Street...

A Lemon Squeezy Home

And last of all go Here for some cute St. Patrick's Day cupcake topper ideas. :)

St. Patricks Day

Time to start decorating for St. Patricks Day!

These cute items are from Lulu's Tiles.
She gives a tutorial on her irish canvas. And check out her cute T-shirt...go check out her site to see the back - it's darling. And here's the link for her tutorial on that lucky frame. So much cute stuff - I love it!

And go to this site to find a creative way to make 3 leaf clover decorations.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Some Fun with Vinyl...

More of my blog searching brought me to this fun site - Custom Creations. I love her vinyl items that she sells. Here are some of my favorites...

Another late Valentine's Post

As I was searching for things to make to decorate for Valentine's Day I came across these darling wreaths below. My baby was napping and I was anxious to get started right away. I found whatever I could use that was in my house (this included diaper boxes for a cardboard outline, and scraps of fabric that aren't necessarily my favorite) and got to work to create something similar to the beauties below.

I am going to show mine off first for the sake of not embarrassing myself. My finished product is not something I would hang on my front door, but I think it turned out great for my coat closet. :) Take a look...
The ones following are Beautiful! Someday I will go out and actually purchase the fabric and required supplies so mine can turn out a little more classy like the ones below. :)
This first one is from Little Birdie Secrets. One of my favorite sites!
Isn't this wreath perfect!!!

This next wreath is from The Idea Room .
Another beautiful wreath! She has other great ideas using the same felt technique go check out her site - it's another great one!

And as I was posting the wreaths above I just happened upon Smashed Peas and Carrots, another incredible site. And look what she came up with...Beautiful!