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Friday, May 27, 2011

How to Avoid Taking Your Stress Out on Your Children

I like this article over at The Idea Room  about avoiding taking our stress out on our children -

it's by Heather Johnson over at Family Volley.


I know I take a lot of my stress out on my kids and they don't deserve it. She gives 11 suggestions to helping us manage our stress and putting our kids first.  This is just the simple list you will have to look up the article to get all the details, but I wanted to have it recorded somewhere for me to reference. :)

11 Suggestions to managing stress and putting our children first:

- Don't multi-task - Focus on your children
- See things from our children's perspective
- See our children as people
- Laugh
- Minimize
- Don't over schedule
- Establish routine
- Have realistic expectations
- Manage your time
- Plan ahead
- Play together as a family :)

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