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Monday, April 12, 2010

Early Start on Summer Ideas...

Of course I believe summer is a time to relax and spend a lot of time at the park, riding bikes, having picnics, and just doing nothing :), but I know that can only last so long and my kids will get bored quickly. So I am trying to brainstorm and be prepared for those moments when they need a little something extra to keep them entertained.

Most of these are things Ive posted before, but I wanted to keep a list of things I would most likely do with the kids this summer in one spot. So, here is my list...

For starters Chocolate on my Cranium has a great list of summer activities. I like her idea to have the kids stamp wrapping paper and birthday cards so you have some ready to use throughout the year. She even went as far as having her girls make Christmas decorations. Talk about getting prepared early! Love the idea! (for some Christmas ornaments ideas go here at Fresh Poppy Design)

Hand Print Art - these are hand prints on painted canvas...

Paper Flowers - something for my daughter

Paper Hut - was planning on doing this for spring break, but didn't have enough newspaper. I think I will be ready by summer. :)

Painting rainbow squares - another something we didn't do over spring break

Build Robots - My son is always trying to build a robot. I think this tutorial has great ideas for creating a fun one.

Piggy Bank - make a piggy bank out of a small water bottle

Body Flip Book - pages colored by the kids and cut so they can interchange the head, body, and legs.

Mini Book - this could be a book about something where the kids cut pictures, color pictures, print pictures and put them in this book. Or they could write their won story and make their own pictures as well. The options are limitless. :)

Scrapbook Paper Hand print - these hand prints are made with paper rather than paint like the ones above. They are even framed. :)

Rock Creations - painted rocks

Other ideas I would like to do with the kids this summer...

Make Cool Aid Play dough. (when I find my recipe I will post it)

Earn Mommy Bucks - I have this idea of having my kids earn "Mommy Bucks" by doing extra chores or helping around the house when needed. I would give them Mommy Bucks that they could use to buy things from the Mommy Store every so often. Which would be stocked with dollar toys or other small items I have on hand.

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