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Monday, March 1, 2010

Another late Valentine's Post

As I was searching for things to make to decorate for Valentine's Day I came across these darling wreaths below. My baby was napping and I was anxious to get started right away. I found whatever I could use that was in my house (this included diaper boxes for a cardboard outline, and scraps of fabric that aren't necessarily my favorite) and got to work to create something similar to the beauties below.

I am going to show mine off first for the sake of not embarrassing myself. My finished product is not something I would hang on my front door, but I think it turned out great for my coat closet. :) Take a look...
The ones following are Beautiful! Someday I will go out and actually purchase the fabric and required supplies so mine can turn out a little more classy like the ones below. :)
This first one is from Little Birdie Secrets. One of my favorite sites!
Isn't this wreath perfect!!!

This next wreath is from The Idea Room .
Another beautiful wreath! She has other great ideas using the same felt technique go check out her site - it's another great one!

And as I was posting the wreaths above I just happened upon Smashed Peas and Carrots, another incredible site. And look what she came up with...Beautiful!

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